Friday, April 6, 2012

Ahh, Long Weekend

Okay, so I've had this blog sitting here, idling away for long enough. I'm going to try to update regularly for this point onward. Today is a good day to start since I'm on a mini-vacation. The hub and I went to the beach this week, just to get away, and I'm now burnt like toast--if toast was red. This is with copious amounts of super strength sunscreen. I knew better, but still swanned around in a bathing suit instead of full cover. I don't know why I thought this beach outing would be different from every other I've had since birth. Sigh.

I'm in the midst of three different stories right now, so I will spend my recovery time trying to make one of them into my main focus.

My weekend TBR list:

Letters Around Midnight-Threesomes Volume 1  by Carla Croft

All Hallows Heartbreaker (My Immortal Knight, Book One) by Delilah Devlin

Eye of the Beholder, An Erotic Romance  by Emma Jay   (lots of 5 star and 1 star reviews-must see for myself which ones are more accurate)

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