About Me

Things I LOVE:

Food--cooking it, eating it, and reading about it. My hobby is searching out vintage cookbooks and stuffing my bookshelves with them. Sadly, I don't think cookbooks on a tablet will ever be able to match the awesomeness of paging through a book that someone used to whip up a meal in 1959.

My Animals--1 Boy, 3 Dogs, 1 Cat

Watching TV shows about the paranormal.

Changing my hair color/style.

My favorite authors: This list is ever-changing, but right now they are Jeaniene Frost, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Nora Roberts, and J.K. Rowling (I love HP, okay?).

How I started writing romance-- I used to liberate (swipe) the old Harlequins from my grandma's closet. I would read them covertly, then, quite often, I'd be disappointed in some element of the story. I'd pull out one of my notebooks and rewrite them to reflect what I wanted to happen. I didn't realize at the time that I was basically writing fanfiction.

We are homeschoolers. My son is a grade ahead of his peers, and he gets to spend a lot of time learning about subjects he wouldn't get to focus on in a more structured school setting. The side benefit to this is that I am learning  things I never would have otherwise (video game programming, for instance) and relearning things that I've tried to put out of my mind for years (Algebra, grrr!).

My husband is an engineer/producer, and we have a recording studio that I'm itching to use for book narrating. If only I didn't have a hint of Texas twang...