Monday, September 17, 2012

Pants on Fire

I'm a pantser. I do almost all of my writing by the seat of my pants as opposed to outlining. This has always been the case because once I've outlined every chapter I find the enthusiasm for the story has petered out. This wouldn't normally be a problem with a stand-alone title, but I've undertaken a series of paranormal novellas that required some finish line sketches. I've already written the final scenes of all three (so far) stories, and I'm 85% finished with the first, but I'm only at about 30% on the second. This is where I'm having issues.

Knowing exactly how a story ends and most of the twists and turns it takes to get there takes all of the fun of discovery when I'm typing away at 3am, excited to see where my characters are leading me. I already know where they're going, so I'm not in any rush to take the trip. I envy those writers who are able to plot and outline a complete novel and actually go back to the computer every day and fill in the story. That's too much assignment and too little art (school flashbacks--ouch!).

I'll probably be able to finish story #1 within the next week or so, but I've already hit that wall on story #2. I'm hoping that my sexy hero (a sexy 6 foot tall Leprechaun) will be enough to throw me some surprises so that the story won't end up taking months to complete. Then again, Leprechauns are some lucky devils so maybe it will rub off.

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