Sunday, March 3, 2013

Real time Stats=An Evil Drug

I've never had an obsessive personality. Really. These days, though, you wouldn't believe me. I have become a stat watcher. I check my sales through most channels repeatedly throughout the day, Amazon, B&N, ARe,  etc., and it's getting to the point of addiction. It's so bad that I've got to hide my perpetually open windows from my husband as he walks by, because he actually calls me out on it. I'm ashamed of my lack of willpower. Not ashamed enough to stop stat watching, but just enough to make me feel sneaky about it.

Why do I spend copious amounts of my day hitting the refresh button on these sites? More often than not, there have been no new sales, so I don't get that awesome feeling that even a sale of a 99 cent story gives me. It's a sickness, I guess. Over the past few days (since I put up my book trailer), I've been checking my youtube views, another outlet with real time statistics, and I've added it to the folder on my bookmarks bar that I've named "Obsesso" to help remember that I am in need of an intervention.

If you are a writer with anything listed at Amazon, I don't need to tell you about the brown bar of shame that shows up on the first of the month and remains until your first sale posts. Thankfully, this month I only checked three times before it logged a sale, but there have been months when I had to wait for days before that cruddy bar was gone. It's really hell on my self-esteem. One of the main problems is that I write on the computer, so it's so easy to take a break and move from Word to internet, but that's not an excuse I can use all of the time. Standing in line at the pharmacy--check my stats on my phone. Waiting for my son's TKD lesson to be finished--check them again. I guess it's similar to how other people check their email repeatedly, but for some reason, my problem seems more tawdry. It's like I need validation from book sales to make my writing  more "real" to myself.

Oh well, admitting the problem is the first step in recovery, so I will count you guys as my witnesses. I'd like to make this post longer, but I've got to check my stats...


  1. I do the same thing! I wish I could stop!

  2. One day, when we're selling hundreds (or thousands-gotta think big) a day, maybe the shine will wear off. :)

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