Saturday, January 25, 2014

Male POV -- Writing it as a Woman

I had written Baby, It's Cold Outside (Carter's POV book) kind of as a one-off. I really enjoyed his character and the personality he had, and it was easy to write his version of events as I was writing Justine's. Last night I decided I was going to do that again, even though I realize a lot of my female readers DO NOT like/identify with the male POV. I know this because the reviews for Baby clearly state it (10+% of them--yipes!).

Is it because I have given Carter a different "voice" than Justine? Is it because his thought processes are not quite the same? Is romance just too geared to the female demographic? Granted, I am a woman, and I really have no personal experience inside the male brain, but I faithfully ask my husband to read and verify what I believe Carter would be thinking as being authentic enough. He has had me change wording and add a few bits here and there to make things realistic, or as realistic as male POV written by a woman can be.

So I'll admit, Carter is NOT an alpha male. A lot of romance readers prefer that alpha personality in their heroes, but I don't, and if I tried to write a story from inside an alpha's head I don't think anyone would like the result. Plus, my husband is not an alpha personality, and he's not a wimp by any means. He was a competition skateboarder back in the day, and played lacrosse (like Carter). He was even a professor at UT for a few years, fulfilling one of my own fantasies, but I digress.

Maybe I shouldn't waste my time writing the mirror of Book 3 in Carter's perspective, at least for publication. Perhaps it will sit on my computer as a self indulgent exercise (where it will have plenty of other stories for company). Or possibly it will go out to my mailing list as a bonus read after Hot to Trot is up for sale. Either way, I want to tell Carter's story, knowing there is a chunk of my readership that will never pick it up. I can't please everyone, but hopefully I will be able to entertain a few. Now, to figure out how to conquer that male demographic...


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