Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside Cover

The release of Baby It's Cold Outside (Heat Book #2) is almost here. It is Just Add Heat told from Carter's perspective and covers most of the same events, but it shows the situation as seen from the Hero's point of view. It's not very often you get both sides of the same story, but I think there are a lot of things that reading a book written in first person leaves out, which was why I wrote it in tandem with Just Add Heat. In Carter's case, he had plans that Justine's accident threw out the window and he's trying to get their future back on track, even as he's feeling frozen out of Justine's life. Plus, like the song, they've got two different takes on the same situation.

There are a few bonus scenes at the end of Just Add Heat that give a peek into Carter's mind, but just in case you haven't gotten that far into the book yet, I've posted them above under the tab "A Peek at Carter" so you can get an idea of where he's coming from. They are some "pre-amnesia"  scenes that I gave the name "Prologue as Epilogue" at the end of Baby, It's Cold Outside.