Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lightweight and Proud

I was having a writing crisis. Okay, maybe crisis is too strong a word, but the problem was enough to cause me major anxiety. When I started my paranormal series I had a pretty clear story line that had a nice connecting theme. The main story that carried across the entire series was light and fun, and I was happy with it.

For some reason, I decided to throw in crime fighting after working on my cupid story because her character can really kick butt. No problem, right? Wrong. My decision caused me to believe every book needed some crime fighter action, and now I've written myself into an action series. I am NOT an action writer.

A friend and fellow author, Heather Fleener (her book Chosen, Ancients of Light Book 1 is awesome and you should read it!) reminded me that I should write what I'm comfortable with--lighter romance with a chick lit theme. So now I will be spending the next little while removing the darker elements that I had laced throughout the next books. You know what? I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders, and now my characters feel much more natural.

I am a romance writer, and I want people to read my stories and be happier than when they started. If I can put a feel good moment in another person's day, then I've achieved my goal. I'm a lightweight and proud of it!

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